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Charter the Alaskan Legend for your next custom adventure!

Experience the majestic beauty of Alaska's Tongass National Forest with Alaskan Legend Yacht Charter. Our 84' motor vessel will take you through the coastal waters to see wildlife, majestic marine mammals, old growth forests, and ancient glaciers on an all-inclusive wilderness cruise.


Petersburg, AK to Petersburg, AK

In Search of the Wild

As late July returns to Alaska, the wilderness comes alive with both marine life and land animals feasting on the bounty that the Alaskan summer has come to offer.  On this adventure, we are on the hunt to find all of the amazing creatures Southeast Alaska has to offer.  This includes Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Orca, Humpback Whales, Dall's Porpoise, False Killer Whale, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and so many more incredible species. 


Petersburg, AK to

Juneau, AK

Chasing Ice

If experiencing the majesty of ancient ice has you intrigued then step aboard the luxury and superior hospitality of The Alaskan Legend.  For seven days you will be exploring the remote fjords of Southeast Alaska about a boutique vessel that has the design and flexibility to get you up close and personal to the ‘white thunder’ of Alaska’s tidewater glaciers. Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions.


Juneau, AK to Petersburg, AK

Native Passages

The native people of Southeast Alaska live in the heart of a land teeming with magnificent wildlife, unique culinary tastes, rich culture, and scenery that will leave you breathless.  Come experience the passages that have been explored by the native Tlingit peoples for thousands of years. Space is limited for this amazing journey into Alaska’s past. Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions.

The Vessel




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