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We aboard the Alaskan Legend offer custom charter yacht tours to fulfill your idea of a dream vacation. We will take you and give you the best, most personable experience of some of Petersburg's finest hidden gems and more around the area. We travel around Southeast Alaska out of Petersburg in 8-day long trips. Some of our most noteworthy excursions include whale watching, LeConte glacier tours, photography trips, and sightseeing of all kinds! However, this is only the beginning of the adventures we can deliver aboard the Alaskan Legend. Other charters have included trips to the Anan Wildlife Observatory Site to see bears up close, the Five Finger Lighthouse, Hole in the Wall, and more. Never heard of some of those places? Sounds like you need a tour on the Alaskan Legend! Fill out the form below if you're interested in getting a quote or have a dream trip that you'd love to see happen.


Petersburg, AK to Petersburg, AK

In Search of the Wild

As late July returns to Alaska, the wilderness comes alive with both marine life and land animals feasting on the bounty that the Alaskan summer has come to offer.  On this adventure aboard the Alaskan Legend, we are on the hunt to find all of the amazing creatures Southeast Alaska has to offer.  This includes Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Orca, Humpback Whales, Dall's Porpoise, False Killer Whale, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and so many more incredible species.  Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions.


Petersburg, AK to

Juneau, AK

Chasing Ice

If experiencing the majesty of ancient ice has you intrigued then step aboard the luxury and superior hospitality of The Alaskan Legend.  For seven days you will be exploring the remote fjords of Southeast Alaska about a boutique vessel that has the design and flexibility to get you up close and personal to the ‘white thunder’ of Alaska’s tidewater glaciers.  Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions.


Juneau, AK to Petersburg, AK

Native Passages

The native people of Southeast Alaska live in the heart of a land teeming with magnificent wildlife, unique culinary tastes, rich culture, and scenery that will leave you breathless.  Come experience the passages that have been explored by the native Tlingit peoples for thousands of years. Space is limited for this amazing journey into Alaska’s past.  Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions.


The Alaskan Legend

Petersburg, Alaska – Petersburg, Alaska

Day 1

Your passage today takes you down the beautiful Wrangell Narrows.  A narrow body of water between Mitkof Island and Kupernof Island and a major thoroughfare for both marine traffic and wildlife.  Keep a keen eye fixed on the shoreline for Wolves, Sitka Black Tail Deer, and Black Bear.  We often see Orca using the Wrangell Narrows as a passageway into the fertile waters of Frederick Sound.  Our destination today is the remote waters off of Anan Bear Observatory.  Tomorrow you will be heading for an incredible protected reserve for both Brown Bear and Black Bear called Anan Bear Observatory.


Vessel Departure:  9:00am

Destination:  Anan, Alaska

Distance:  60 Miles

Day 3

You will wake up to the beautiful early morning mist of the Alaskan back waters of the Blashke Islands.  This area is known to be a great area to view Humpback Whales bubble net feeding along with Orca on the hunt for Sea Otter, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and of course the returning salmon.  The Blashke’s are also rich with a variety of migratory birds from all over the world.  Our route today will wind through a maze of island with plenty of wildlife viewing possibilities so have your camera ready to go.  We will work our way around the top of Prince of Wales Island and find port in remote Labouchere Bay.  Enjoy a beautiful setting sun while sipping your favorite beverage with a possible bonfire evening on the beach.


Vessel Departure:  9:00am

Destination:  Labouchere Bay

Distance:  60 Miles

Day 5

The remote waters of Sea Otter Sound provide a direct passage to the southern end of Chatham Strait access to Coronation Island wind and weather permitting.  Wildlife abounds in this area at Chatham Strait is a major entry point for migrating Humpback Whales arriving from the warm waters of Mexico and Hawaii.  


Vessel Departure:  10:00am

Destination:  Port Malmesbury

Distance: 55 Miles

Day 7

Today is another early departure with breakfast being served while we are underway.  We want to take as much time as the weather permits to meander through the waters of Frederick Sound.  This marine sanctuary is a favorite feeding area for just about all Southeast Alaska’s amazing wildlife.  Join the captain in the wheelhouse and grab a pair of binoculars to help spot the spouts of whales in the area.  This will be a day taking excursions directly from the Alaskan Legend with Kayaks and small boats.  Our focus will be getting you some of the most amazing experiences with our 80,000 pound friends, the enormous Humpback Whale.


Vessel Departure:  7:00am

Destination:  Petersburg, Alaska

Distance:  65 Miles

Disembark The Alaskan Legend:  3:00pm

Day 2

Today you will meet a bear guide who will take the group deep into an ancient forest rich with fresh wild berries and a beauty beyond measure.  After a short hike the crew will arrive to the viewing platforms at Anan Bear Observatory.  You will spend several hours watching both Brown Bear and Black Bear feeding on a salmon as they make their way up stream.  Lunch will be waiting on the Alaskan Legend upon your return.  Weather and tide permitting you will have the opportunity to kayak through a narrow passage called Canoe Pass.  The Alaskan Legend will put to anchor somewhere in the Blashke Islands.


Vessel Departure:  1pm

Destination:  Blashke Islands

Distance: 50 Miles

Day 4

Enjoy an early morning breakfast while the crew prepares for departure.  Today we have the rare opportunity to enter the El Capitan Passage.  This very narrow body of water provides great protection from the elements and scenery that will take your breath away.  


Vessel Departure:  9:00am

Destination:  Sea Otter Sound  

Distance:  50 Miles

Day 6

We will continue to work our way up the West side of Kuiu Island with ample opportunity to lower the small boat and explore the shoreline while the Alaskan Legend continues North.  This area is important to the Tlingit Native Peoples for the harvesting of seaweeds and access to remote fishing areas.  As we round the top of the island, we will put to anchor in Saginaw Bay where we have the chance to view ancient Petroglyphs left by the first people to inhabit this remote wilderness.   


Vessel Departure:  8:00am

Destination:  Saginaw Bay

Distance: 55 Miles


The Alaskan Legend

Petersburg, Alaska – Juneau, Alaska


The crew will meet in the lobby of the Scandia House in beautiful Petersburg, Alaska. Your captain will conduct an orientation on what you can expect over the course of the next seven days including weather forecasts, ice conditions, and a brief update of the condition of glaciers in Southeast Alaska. After your briefing the crew will be transferred down to the dock for room assignments and departure. On day one will we WOW you with a up close and personal
experience at Le Conte Tidewater Glacier. The crew will overnight in the calm waters of Thomas Bay.

Vessel Departure: 8:00am
Destination: Thomas Bay
Distance: 70 Miles


The Cleveland Passage is notorious to Humpback Whale feeding and throughout the season we
see many groups bubble net feeding in this exact area. Grab your moving cup of coffee and a
fresh muffin and head outside to catch a glimpse of this amazing event. Today the crew will
continue working its way north on the lookout for a variety of marine animals along the way
including Orca, Stellar Sea Lions, Humpback Whales, Porpoise, and on occasion False Killer
Whales. Make sure to grab a set of binoculars and shout out ‘there she blows’ when you see
one of these mighty marine mammals. Your passage today will take you through the wildlife
rich waters of Frederick Sound with your captain having a variety of options on exact routing.
By late afternoon the vessel will arrive at the mouth of both Tracy and Endicot Arms and will
overnight within view of Sumdum Mountain Glacier.

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Sumdum Island
Distance: 40 Miles


The journey into Tracy Arm will offer a glimpse into the last ice age with towering walls of rock
on both sides of the fjord as the Alaskan Legend heads deep into the glacial fjord. Dress warm
and have your camera’s ready for what will surely be one of the most memorable experiences
of your life. The Sawyer Glacial face is nearly 35 miles back into the narrow fjord. Harbor Seal
pups can often be found rafting on icebergs with their mothers close by. We will stay our
distance from these ice age creatures as we seek out the ‘white thunder’ caused by massive

glacial calving. Like at Dawes Glacier the day before, the crew will lower kayaks onto the water
and for those who want a little more comfort, we will lower our small boat on the water and
tour the fjord. After the days adventure the Alaskan Legend will head down channel and back
into Stephens Passage destined for an evening in Gilbert Bay.

Vessel Departure: 8:00am
Destination: Gilbert Bay
Distance: 95 Miles


You will wake to the sweet smells of breakfast before embarking on a spectacular tour of the
Juneau Ice Fields from above and below! The crew will take flight in a helicopter to get a bird’s
eye view of the glaciers birthing out of the massive ice field. This 45-minute flight will take you
within view of Herbert Glacier, Mendenhall Glacier, and the Juneau Ice Field. After your flight
the crew will head to the Mendenhall Glacier Interpretive Center including a short hike to
Nugget Falls.

Vessel In Port
Disembark The Alaskan Legend: 4:00pm


Waking early in the morning and enjoying a fresh brewed coffee on the back deck of the Legend
is definitely a fan favorite. We will be anchored at the base of a mountain glacier known as Baird Glacier. This glacier begins on the Stikine Icefield and flows for nearly 24 miles down the mountain to its terminus at an outwash plan 2 miles north of the head of Thomas Basin. For those seeking adventure and are up for a hike the crew will guide you to the face of the massive ice giant or may choose to give you a view from above from one of many incredible vantage
points. After your remote glacial adventure on land the Alaskan Legend will turn North headed
for the remote glacial of Tracy Arm. The crew will overnight in the protection of Cleveland Passage with kayaking and small boat excursions available.

Vessel Departure: 12noon
Destination: Cleveland Passage
Distance: 55 Miles


You’re in iceberg country now! When you wake in the morning you will notice a significant drop in temperature, and you may just be surrounded by beautiful white and blue icebergs freshly calved off the glacier faces a few short miles away. The Alaskan Legend will head up the Endicot Arm passage and anchor up in safe waters. Crew will lower kayaks onto the water and for those who want to experience the ice while silently paddling along will have the chance!
For those who enjoy a cup of coffee and a little more comfort, we will lower our small boat on the water as well to tour the fjord. This will be a magical day of exploration. At days end the Alaskan Legend will head back down Enticot Arm and overnight on the inside waters of Tracy Arm, tomorrow’s adventure!

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Inside Tracy Arm
Distance: 70 Miles


Watch the water! From the beginning of your adventure, you have been traveling through
water passages and lands shaped by the incredible power of the ice you have been witnessing.
Notice the watercolor in Gilbert Bay as depending on the tide in could be a turquoise blue or a
milky brown. Both colors are caused by the glacier surfaces literally acting like sandpaper as
the move down the fjords. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at anchor in Gilbert Bay before
continuing north into the Juneau Icefield Country! The northern portion of Stephens Passage is
rich with feeding Humpback Whales to be on the lookout for. You will have a chance to
experience a shore landing in Taku Harbor before making your final evening push into Alaska’s
capital, Juneau. You will have a chance to explore town while returning to the Alaskan Legend
for your final night on board.

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Auke Bay, Juneau
Distance: 60 Miles


The Alaskan Legend

Juneau, Alaska – Petersburg, Alaska


The crew will meet in the lobby of the Ramada Hotel in beautiful Juneau, Alaska. Your captain will conduct an orientation on what you can expect over the course of the next seven days including weather forecasts, customs, and traditions of the villages you will be visiting. After your briefing the crew will be transferred down to the dock for room assignments and departure. As you depart Juneau, make sure to look back over your shoulder and take in the
massive Mendenhall Glacier! Today you will be heading around Point Retreat and into Chatham Strait in route to the native village of Hoonah!

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Tlingit Native Village of Hoonah
Distance: 60 Miles


You will wake up to the beautiful early morning mist of the Alaskan back waters. Make sure to grab a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy these quiet moments, they are special. Today you will be traveling into the whale rich waterways of Icy Strait, notorious for feeding groups of Humpback
Whales practicing an ancient feeding style called ‘bubble netting’. Keep a keen eye on the water and you just may catch a glimpse of this amazing behavior. Today your crew will be heading for Basket Bay, a ½ mile wide body of water surrounded by beautiful, forested mountains. Depending on tide and conditions the crew may choose to utilize the small boat and explore Kook Lake accessible only on certain tides. This entire area is inhabited by a large
population of Brown Bears so keep a constant look out for these majestic creatures. You will overnight in Basket Bay.

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Basket Bay
Distance: 70 Miles


Today you will be departing the shores of Baranof Island and head for the ancient Tlingit Petroglyphs located in Saginaw Bay on Kuiu Island. The passage today will take us across the southern portion of Chatham Strait and as you look out across the waters try to imagine the
first peoples of Alaska paddling across these rough waters utilizing small homemade canoes. The southern portion of Chatham Strait is also a major entrance for Humpback Whales arriving to Alaskan waters from the warm waters of both Hawaii and Mexico. We often see these
whales ‘breaching’ in joy upon arrival to their summer feeding grounds.

Vessel Departure: 10:00am
Destination: Saginaw Bay


You will wake to the final day of your adventure with the Alaskan Legend moving into the
waters of Frederick Sound in route to Petersburg, Alaska.

Vessel Departure: 10:00am
Destination: Petersburg, Alaska
Disembark The Alaskan Legend: 3:00pm


After spending the morning exploring the native village of Hoonah, the crew will return to the Alaskan Legend and depart to explore Port Frederick and the inside waters of the extensive bay south of Hoonah. Today you will have a chance to kayak in the ancestral waters off the Tlingit
Nation watching along the shoreline for the giant Brown Bear! As evening approaches, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fireside Alaskan style! An experience complete with cold beverages and s'mores!

Vessel Departure: 1pm
Destination: Port Frederick
Distance: 10 Miles


Your exploration of the Tlingit native lands continues today with the Alaskan Legend departing for the village of Angoon. Angoon is located on Admiralty Island and is known as ‘The Fortress of the Bear’ as the estimated population of Brown Bear is nearly 1 animal per square mile. So when you go to shore and begin exploring Angoon make sure to stay with your guide and be
aware of your surroundings. After taking in the beauty and culture Angoon has to offer you will return to the Alaskan Legend and depart for a real treat, Baranof Warm Springs. We will put to anchor near the hot springs and you will have an option of taking a relaxing soak.

Vessel Departure: 9:00am
Destination: Warm Springs
Distance: 50 Miles


Breakfast will be served early for our departure to the native village of Kake. Today you will have the unique experience of spending time with a native family exploring the backwoods, culture, art, and culinary flavors of this small village. Kake also has an extensive population of
Black Bear that can be found roaming the streets and shoreline in search of an easy meal.

Vessel Departure: 8:00am
Destination: The Tlingit Native Village of Kake
Distance: 55 Miles

In Search of the Wild
Chasing Ice
Native Passages

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